A downloadable game for Windows

All of you have been found guilty of crimes against Sin. One of you survives. An early concept of an idea I've had for about 2 years now.

This game is an entry for RPG Maker's 31st Birthday: Release Something Event in February-March 2021.

Development started on February 12 and finished on March 12th around 1:00 AM. One month to work on a game while swamped with university work- sorry that I could only make it beatable in about 30 minutes, rather than the longer idea I wanted to accomplish. I wish I had more work done. It may or may not be updated in the future.

Credits are available in the readme.md file.


Vessel of Sin 0.1.0 132 MB

Install instructions

Extract and run game.exe. Should work on just about anything that can run a version of Chromium that's a few years out of date.


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Note that just because it says 0.1.0 doesn't mean it's not playable, it's just a demo!