A downloadable game for Windows

First entry into a game jam and first game to be properly completed as well. I'm well aware that the controls are not that great, yet it's fully playable if you can figure out how to cleverly dodge the enemies (hint: they're clever, but not complicated).

This is controlled with the two mouse buttons (and if you want to shut off the music, hit M). That's it; qualified for the Two Button Controls theme. How does it fit into growth? *shrug* You grow in power and your wallet grows if you play well? That's as close as I can get.


Combat Hell LD34.zip 4 MB
Combat Hell LD34 Source Code.zip 1 MB

Install instructions

Extract the attached zip file and run LudumDare.exe. That should be enough. Game will scale oddly if monitor's height is not a multiple of 480 or if the width is not a multiple of 640.

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